Do You Have Adult ADHD? Part 2

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by Rey Beltran |

Continuing our article from Part One, ADHD does not only affect children but adults as well. Some carry it from their childhood to their adulthood. It’s difficult to diagnose adults if they have it or not, unless they have previously consulted a doctor that confirmed their condition.

Here are the last five signs you might have adult ADHD:

11. Unfinished business

People with ADHD usually don’t finish what they start off. So you usually see a pile up of laundry, a cluttered home, unpaid bills, unattended notes, etc.

12. Impulsive

Doing things without thinking the after effects is usually a symptom of ADHD. Some examples can be quitting a job without rhyme or reason, impulse buying, committing to a task without thinking, etc.

13. Can’t relax

People with ADHD can’t calm their nerves. So many things can take over their minds. Watching a movie for relaxation can be a tedious task for them. An adult with an ADHD might be able to watch the movie he’s interested in, but if they’re not, they will definitely have a very difficult time appreciating it.

14. Wandering mind

If you usually find your thoughts wandering during meetings or conferences, you are having a hard time focusing. Small distractions like outside noise grab your attention and you lose focus on the meeting. This is a sign of ADHD.

15. Disorganized

If your desktop’s a mess, and you just lost valuable time looking for a document, chances are you have ADHD. Getting organized and staying organized is a difficult thing for people with ADHD.

Such telltale signs give off a negative reaction from people who are dealing with one that has ADHD. They may think of the person as not dependable or reliable, uninterested, or simply not into it. This usually leads to troubled relationships, be it professional or personal.

Adult ADHD, when diagnosed, will help you know what to do. Aside from the relief of knowing why you are what you are, acceptance and understanding will lead you to seek how to live a normal life. Do not be ashamed of it. People who need to know you have adult ADHD will be better off knowing that you have it, so they will be able to understand you.

So when you see these signs present, you might as well submit yourself for examination and see if you have Adult ADHD.

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