Caring for Your Aging Parents

Aging Parents

Get Health Access |  Getting older is an inevitable fact of life and it can be quite hard on adult kids to deal with the reality of their parents ageing and losing good health. However, there comes the time when all family members have to start making plans about the most appropriate care for their senior parents so they could continue their lives in the best possible way.

Here are several aspects you should consider when planning the welfare of your elderly parents. 

    • Have the conversation with your parents

No matter how old you are, it’s never easy to think about losing your parents one day, much less talking about it, but this kind of conversation is a must so you can come up with the best course of action. It’s imperative you work out your financial strategy, living arrangements, health care and funeral preferences. Have the conversation while your parents are still in good health, be compassionate, understanding and open-minded.

    • Analyse the care options

Your parents might be well and independent today, but there may come the time when they will require some type of assistance. There are many options you can consider from assisted living communities, in-house care, nursing homes or even resort-like retirement house plans, where your parents will join a vibrant community of like-minded, young-at-heart retirees and enjoy their golden years in a secure, seaside location and great company.

Your final choice will depend on your parents’ needs, available budget, their health condition and collective wishes, but if you have a busy schedule and a family of your own, finding appropriate caregiving option is your ultimate priority.

    • Stay in touch and visit often

It’s essentially up to you to decide how often you will stay in contact with your parents once they get settled, but there shouldn’t be many obstacles that’ll hold you back. It just takes some planning, organisation and determination. 

It’s important for your parents’ good emotional health to call and visit as much as you can as this will give them a sense of still being important to you and remaining a part of your life and the lives of their grandchildren. Surely, modern technology can easily bridge the distance, but nothing compares to seeing you in person. Physical contact, sharing a conversation and a few laughs will definitely help them beat boredom and depression. 

    • Be supportive of their social life

Sadly, many research studies show that a large percentage of seniors feel very lonely and depressed, even in busy, urban areas. Therefore, support and encourage your parents to stay in touch with their friends and attend social gatherings and various community events. 

There’s no reason why you couldn’t get involved and organise an outing here and there, like a shopping trip, a picnic or a dinner and a movie date. Spending time with your ageing parents will give them a sense of being relevant, loved and appreciated. 

    • Teach them about modern technology

Using modern technology brings double benefits to your parents. On one side, they’ll be able to keep in touch with your on a regular basis, especially if you live far away. On the other side, they’ll soon discover the opportunities social media offers, such as reconnecting with their old friends, checking out the latest news and watching their favourite movies and shows. It will allow them to keep up with the world and feel less isolated and alone.

In addition to these suggestions, there are so many other little things you can do for your ageing parents so they get the proper care at their senior years and live a happy and safe life.