Body Building: Train Like an Athlete, Win Like a Champion

Ms Annie Lyn Rivas

By Jovelle Hannah Salvador |

“ To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”

Tony Dorsett

In the world of body building where men dominate, a woman made her mark. Ms. Annie Lyn Rivas won several awards in body building contests like NAC Phil-Asia Ms. Shape 2014, NABBA Ms. Philippines Figure 2013, PLBF Shawn Rhoden Classic Figure 1st Runner-up 2013, Skyway Condura 10k 2nd Placer 2013, National Open 4x100m Relay champion 2013 and Champion in  National Open Powerlifting last 2008. She is a member of WBFF (World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion), one of the most popular federation that hosted Olympia of body building. She is as an inspiration to fellow women and was labeled as “The Ultimate Filipino Inspiration”.

In an interview of Vigorbuddy with Ms Annie Lyn Rivas, she shared how she was motivated to become the best version of her better self of today.

Ms Annie Lyn Rivas with Vigorbuddy staff
Ms Annie Lyn Rivas with Vigorbuddy staff

There is nothing easy about being an athlete. Body building is very different from normal exercise at the gym; it takes extreme measure to be on a competitive level. You will need to go trough extreme diet. You can’t achieve to have the best body if you are not disciplined. Ms. Annie Lyn Rivas had it rough at the start of her path towards being a bodybuilder. She is a typical Filipino who loves to eat rice. She’s also eating junk foods and sweet foods. In the beginning, she had a hard time adjusting to her diet plan.  Ideally, when shifting into a diet plan, one should do it gradually and let the body adjust naturally. According to her, diet is actually mental and it can’t just turn right overnight. Even now, she still has cravings, but not giving into temptation for she can now control it and she knows now how to balance and eat healthy foods. No matter how hard you train, if what you eat is not right, your hard work will be for nothing. Now, she is the one preparing her diet plan along with the suggestions of her coach.  She emphasized the importance of protein in her diet. Protein supplements are good if you’re building more muscles, but still, you have to a lot of food to meet the requirement. Just beware of some side effects like allergies and pimples. It’s better to ask a doctor first. APTEC (Aesthetic Perfection Technology), a brand of supplement in Australia, is sponsoring her and providing her with essential supplements. Having a daily workout plan is necessary. If you will just exercise during your free time, there is a large possibility that you will forget about exercising and skipping your workout. Always think of your goal and focus on why you are doing it.

Despite her numerous achievements, she is still up for more. Next year, she will be joining a bodybuilding contest again. Her current goal is to get a pro-card and be a professional bodybuilder. As a woman who wants to inspire people, she is hands-on for those who are reaching out to her for advice using social media. She specifically wants to inspire and motivate Filipinos and change the mindset that they should be skinny instead of being strong. With the right motivation, discipline, workout plan, and diet, anyone can be fit and have the  body they want to achieve.