How does Acid Reflux develop?

acid reflux

Acid Reflux occurs when your stomach produces excessive stomach acid during the period of digestion of food. There are many reasons for developing such a hyperacidity condition. When it starts happening frequently the area of stomach and oesophagus gets impacted by the acidic content of the stomach. As result of that the lower esophageal sphincter gets loose and leaves a gap between the stomach and the oesophagus allowing the acidic food content to flow upwards through the oesophagus.

The acidic content even may reach sometimes to the throat area resulting burping and regurgitation. All these create a sensation of pain in the chest area called heartburn. When it happens frequently it must be considered as a grape situation and should consult a physician without any further delay.

The reasons behind developing Acid Reflux syndrome

Acid Reflux syndrome is considered as a lifestyle disorder disease which is the product of modern hectic stressful urban lifestyle. Due to fast pace of life leaving little space for the daily schedule, many of the urban people now a days can manage to have a proper natural diet in their lunch and dinner. Mostly they manage it supplementing with available fast food over the counter. This is one of the major reasons for the development of hyperacidity in the stomach. Taking food in wrong time and in abnormal quantity is another major trigger for hyperactivity.

Even in your main course of meal, too much oily and spicy foods are other major reasons.

Awakening of long sleepless night both for the professional necessity or relaxation at night club are extremely perilous for your hyperacidity condition.

Consuming too much alcohol or having uncountable number of cigarettes can only worsen the condition.

Remedies for Acid Reflux syndrome and heartburn

Since it is already mentioned that Acid Reflux syndrome and heartburn is a product of mostly the modern urban lifestyle disorder that is why you must address the issue before everything. You need to stop having first food over the counter at the earliest.

Your food must be as much as possible without oil, spice or other harmful artificial ingredients that are added today in the food for the enhancement of the taste.

Red meat should always be avoided. Keep yourself away from taking vegetables like tomato, cauliflower, or cabbages. Citrone fruits should also be totally eliminated from the diet chart.

You can consider some Home Remedies for Heartburn as well. Apple cider vinegar along with water is considered to be a good remedy for hyper acidity.

Ginger is another effective natural measure to combat acidity. If you consume it with a cup of tea it is quite soothing for the condition of your stomach. Herbs like basil, coriander, or turmeric are equally beneficial to restrict the frequent occurrence after problem.

If you find the problem growing alarmingly, you must consult a physician and consume medicine as it is prescribed. The Acid Reflux Medicine includes medicines like H2 blocker such as Ranitidine or Proton pump inhibitor which are quite effective in restricting the secretion of gastric acid in your stomach.

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