7 Simple Changes to Improve Your Looks


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Clean White Teeth
Ever notice someone with grimy-yellow teeth and found it off-putting? Something about those with pearly whites is attractive. When you see whiter teeth your subconscious positively sways your judgment.A study titled “The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions” found those with whiter teeth were viewed to be more attractive and professional, have higher confidence levels, and more likely to be hired4.You can improve the shades of your teeth. For a low cost you can try whitening solution or quick do-it-yourself kits. For an even cheaper solution, you can do what my old roommate once did: Hydrogen Peroxide (2$ at your local food store).

A Fitting Haircut
Every body has a unique shaped head. A pair of sunglasses that are striking on one person can be unpleasant on another. When it comes to haircuts, spending more can get you a more experienced stylist who will sculpt your hair to best fit your head and face.Most are unaware of their great haircut potential. Take the time to look up the best stylist near you and pay them a visit. If you are frugal, make a onetime investment to find out what your ideal haircut can be. You can then try to imitate it. A personal favorite method of measurement (to normalize for cost) is the price of the haircut divided by number of non-mom compliments. The lower the price per compliment the better.

A number of studies found that great posture exudes confidence and control, and leads to improved health.You can improve your posture! Click this resource for a posture graphic to get you started.

“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.”
– Anonymous

A great pair of shoes may not be noticed by everybody, but those who do will have an appeal impression.

For men, a high-quality pair of leather shoes will last you a long time, and will be very comfortable to wear every day. Plan to spend $150+ for something comfortable and long lasting. P.S. Start with dark brown or black (Link to shoe guide: most shoe guides are bullshit). Always match the belt with the shoes.

Formula: Take the price divided by number of months they will last. 60+ months for high quality leather 6 months for the high-school Reebok’s with the strap.

For women, somebody could write an entire book on the appropriate shoes for each occasion. They did, and it is great! Shoes Wisely: Choosing the Right Shoe for Every Occasion.

Like a haircut, each body style has a different ideal pair. A fitting pair of jeans makes you feel and look good. After you have invested time in researching what is best for you, consider this: a marginal increase in the price of jeans can lead to a great return on perceived attractiveness.For men, I defer to one of the better guides on jeans from Esquire.For Women, I defer to Cosmopolitan’s guide.Formula: Price of jeans divided by non-mom compliments works great here too!

One of the two largest sources of skunk-breath – the other being the back of the tongue – the junk between your teeth can be gone in one fell swoop. Flossing is a routine action that is a commitment towards your future and the habit flossing can carry over into career success.So you’re a lazy flosser – and hate the process of pulling the string, cutting the string, wrapping it around your fingers and flossing. Buy a pack of micro-flossers (270 will last you half a year!) and leave them in a bowl by the sink making the habit easy to acquire. Here is the solution to the back of the tongue problem. The Tongue Scraper

Assuming you have bathed and worn deodorant, there is an opportunity to go the extra mile.A spritz of cologne/perfume applied to the skin can make you more attractive on first impression, and a uniquely pleasant scent can act as a memory trigger in the future. What is the point of a memory trigger in the future? They will like you immediately again?The web is filled with experienced scent-o-philes. The best place to start out is the basenotes forums, then when you find a scent and want to dig through more reviews check out makeupalley – great for both males and females.
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