10 Reasons to Start Drinking Cucumber Water Today


By Ana Margarita Olar │GetHealthAccess.com


There are many health drinks that are commercially available today. But most of it contains chemicals, artificial colorants, and sugars, which, in the long run, can pose a risk to your health. Cucumber water, which is natural and easy to prepare promises these benefits if you start drinking today:

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  1. Keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

A cool serving of cucumber water helps replace lost fluids. It can also help maintain proper hydration and has other benefits such as proper cardiovascular functioning, getting rid of body toxins and regulating bowel motility.

  1. Have antioxidant properties.

Drinking water with unpeeled cucumber helps fight free radicals caused by its antioxidant content. Its ability to absorb oxygen radicals helps maintain healthy cells despite aging. Also, due to its hydrating effect, it helps flush out toxin build up.

  1. Supports bone health and wound healing.

Unpeeled and raw cucumber contains a high level of Vitamin K which can help reduce the risk of bone fractures and aids in blod clot formation.

  1. Improve muscle strength

The silica found in cucumbers helps muscle tissue function at their best. A gulp of cucumber water before a muscle strength training can help you boost your performance.

  1. Help maintain smooth and supple skin.

Cucumbers contain silica minerals and its natural hydrating effect supports skin elasticity and keeps the skin moisturized and nourished from the inside.

  1. Helps regulate Blood Pressure

A cucumber also contains potassium and has low sodium content, a perfect combination for a well-regulated blood pressure. But, take note that over hydration and dehydration can lead to an abnormal blood pressure, patients with BP concerns should be cautious about their fluid intake.

  1. Facilitates weight loss

Cucumber water quenches thirst and satisfies hunger. So if you find yourself mindlessly looking for some “junk” snacks, try cucumber water   instead. It causes you to feel until it is time for the next meal, flushes out body wastes, and has a diuretic effect and thereby facilitating weight loss.

  1. Adds extra Vitamins (K) and minerals (Silica) to your drink
  2. Helps ward off cancer.

Studies show that cucumber contains cucurbitacins and phytonutrient that can kill cancer cells. Also, frequent drinking of cucumber water leads to regular urination, limiting the chance of developing urinary cancer.

  1. Fights the hangover.

A headache from too much drinking is brought about by intoxicating effects of alcohol. Replenish lost fluids and flush out toxins by drinking cucumber water and regain your vigor and strength.

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