What does your music taste say about you?

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales │ GetHealthAccess.com

Music lovers listen up check this out! Your personality can be identified by your song preferences and there are ideas about this that may surprise you.  In a research, it was found out that heavy metal music may capture younger people, but nevertheless those people are like fans of classical music for delicate in nature.

Perhaps it also explains why you may like different genres, but apparently music enthusiasts also have slight or deep similarities. According to the study of Adrian North, PhD, music psychology scholar, that spanned in three years and involved 36, 000 people, heavy metal and classical music, as well as those into blues, jazz and folk are reflective, open-minded, and creative. Possibly the only difference is the classical fans seems more money-makers, while jazz lovers are liberated.

On other side, creative is the least trait of Pop fans and yet they exude high level of confidence. They’re also outgoing and sociable like hip-hop fans.  It just that Pop fans are prone to get worried, while hip –hop music lovers are rhythmic and energetic. Meantime, country fans are extrovert like hip-hops and they can be described as diligent people with empathy and firmed political belief.

music pixabayWith the rock fans they’re hard to categorize as Reader’s Digest reported.  They shared classic rock fans tend to be selfish, while punk rock fans are intense and have high energy. Indie rock fans are believed to have low work ethic and confidence, though they also welcome changes.

“Like their pop-loving counterparts, fans of the yesterday’s hits are likely to use music to regulate their mood, as your favorite songs are often associated with intense emotional life experiences,” Reader’s Digest shared.

On Independent, David Greenberg shared a comparative study they conducted about three broad thinking styles (Empathizers o Type E, Systemizers Type S, and both or Type B for balanced) and their musical choices.  Out of the survey that involved 4,000 participants, they found out that systemizers or those into systems, rules and patterns like hard rock, punk, and heavy metal. Meantime, empathizers or people, who give importance on thoughts and emotions, are into mellow music like soft rock and R ‘n B.

“Importantly, those who are Type B, had a tendency to prefer music that spans more of a range than the other two thinking styles,” David Greenberg imparted.