Ways to Wake up and Stay Positive Everyday


By Ana Margarita Olar| GetHealthAccess.com

Our life is full of everyday challenge. But sometimes we may feel bored and stressed like there’s no reason for us to wake up. So here are some tips that might help you to wake up and stay positive every day:

*Start by having a good night’s sleep

Avoid eating food that can stimulate your body and your guts such as coffee, red wine, and chocolate. These are ideal as mind boosters, and you don’t need it when you’re going to sleep. Have a glass of nice, warm milk is better.

Have your meal time at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. Do not go to bed with a full stomach as this will disturb your digestion. A disturbed gut leads to a disturbed sleep.

Make your place conducive to sleeping soundly and eventually waking up positively. Minimize the noise during the evening. Too much noise all throughout the day creates unnecessary stress. And waking up several times due to unnecessary noise can set you in a grumpy mood the next morning.


*Upon Waking up.         

Pray. Be grateful that God has given you another brand new day. Have a quick thought on what you’ve been through all your life and you are still here, surviving. Be grateful for having your loved ones around you. You have your kids, husband, parents, or siblings. Make them the best reason for waking up and staying positive every day.

Listen to inspiring music or worship song can warm your heart and switch your mood from grumpy to happy.

Have a morning exercise. Another way to stay positive every morning is to stimulate your body. You have to keep that body moving. Exercise with a buddy that will encourage or push you at times when you don’t feel like exercising.

Look around you. If you’re still lucky to be living in a nice town with fresh and lush greens all around you then you’ve got another thing to be happy about. Not all people are privileged to live in a nice environment. Some live in slums, some in buildings with only four walls as their view. Appreciate the beauty of nature around you. Add this fact on your list on why you should stay positive every day.

*All throughout the day.

Have a refreshing and energizing breakfast. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. And then have a hearty breakfast. Load up with carbs and protein to give you the energy to start your day.

Choose to be positive all throughout the day. No matter how perfect your morning may seem, it’s not a guarantee that you will have a perfectly positive day. Negative things do happen, and stressors are all around. You can either change the situation or control your reaction. Have an effort to control your emotions and avoid temper outbursts, even in the most stressful situations.