Water: Scientifically Proven Effective in Losing Weight


by Jovelle Hannah Salvador

A person can survive with just water for days without eating. This shows how essential water is to our body. They say that a person should drink at least eight glasses a day, but the right way to determine how much water your body need is based on your weight. Divide your weight in half and you will get the right amount of water you need. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, fatigue, tiredness, constipation, and stomach ulcer.

weight loss

Water is not only essential; it can help with other health problems too. It is also proven that water is effective in losing weight. Many people who want to lose weight are resorting into extreme diet that is unhealthy for them. A Recent study by Dr. Amanda Daley of the University of Birmingham in the UK shows that water can effectively help in losing weight. An experiment that lasted for 12 weeks was done to prove the effectiveness of water. Eighty-four adults were divided into two groups. The first group was assigned to drink 16 Oz of water thirty minutes before their meal, while the other group was just told to imagine that they are already full. At the end of the experiment, the group who drinks water before their meal lose more than 3 pounds while the other group showed no improvement.

The secret? Drinking water before a meal will make your body feel ‘full’. Because you feel full, you will avoid over-eating and there is a tendency that you will eat less. Instead of drinking carbonated drinks containing lots of sugar that can make you gain weight and make you look bloated, drinking water is advisable. Another trend today is the ‘detox drink’. Detox drink is water infused with fruits like cucumber, strawberries, and melon. If you want to lose weight, water infused with lemon is recommended. Lemon is good for our digestive system and reduces food cravings. Another tip is drinking ice cold water because it helps in boosting our metabolism.