Top Four Reasons Why You Should Never Allow Your Child to Play in a Ball Pool


By Rod Gabriel,|

Everyone knows the joy in a child’s face whenever you bring them to a local fastfood playground. Most likely, kids would probably play in the playground’s favorite spot, the ball pool.

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Here are the top four reasons why you should never allow your kids to play in the ball pool.

1. Cleanliness – When was the last time you saw the local fastfood joint crew clean the ball pool? Most of the fastfood crew focus on doing what they do best. Cook fast food, and clean as they go. You probably don’t see them clean the ball pool during regular store hours. The PVC fabrics and surfaces of the ball pool must regularly be washed down with a detergent solution. Not all stores keep a clean “spare” set of balls.

2. Hygiene – Not all kids, who play in the ball pool are 100% healthy. When you get the chance to have your kids play in the ball pool, think again. There might be a possibility that kids who previously played in the ball pool, caught the colds, and might be transmitting them to the next ball pool player. Not everyone brings hand-sanitizers or disinfectant nowadays. Some little kids are tempted to lick the pool balls too once they get that chance. So, you better be on your toes when you do allow your kids to play in a ball pool.

3. Litter – There might be a chance that some pointed objects were thrown inside these ball pools. Litter in whatever form should never be inside a ball pool as they might accidentally hurt the kids.

4. Accidents – When your kids get the chance to play inside a ball pool, make sure that an adult is attending to them. Remember, playgrounds are not the fastfood store specialty. Always mind your kids when they play inside the playpens. Ball pools alone should have a maximum depth of 450mm in a toddler area and 600mm in a junior area to minimise the danger of accidents from concealment. Ball pools should not be entered directly from a slide. Balls should be a minimum diameter of 70mm to prevent choking, ball pool surfaces should have continuous level bases and slides that are easily cleanable