What techniques do physiotherapists use for your health?


Physiotherapy is a well-known health treatment that is popular for curing any type of health issue. There are different modalities like massages, heat therapy, exercises, and electro therapy to treat a deformity, ailment or injury.

Physiotherapists are the professionals who perform the modalities and they also include the use of various therapy techniques.

Below are some of the techniques that are effective and how physiotherapists use them.

Deep transverse fictions

It is a technique that is helpful in evacuating the triggering of pain metabolites. It’s a deep massage technique helps in preventing or efficiently destroying the adhesions. This method is also useful in optimizing the scar quality tissue.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

It is also referred to as orthopaedic physiotherapy. It restores the functionalities for different health issues. This technique is mainly associated with the musculoskeletal system and includes joints, muscles, ligaments, bones and tendons.  

Physiotherapists assess the components of skeletal for ensuring that the movement of the body is optimum. A lot of injuries are the result that musculoskeletal system doesn’t function properly. This treatment techniques focus on the following aspects:

  •    Pain reducing
  •    Enhanced mobilization
  •    Treatment of the damaged soft tissue
  •    Skeletal alignment correction

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatric physiotherapy is a technique used by the physicians to treat the older adults. It mainly emphasizes the different movement requirements among the old age people. There are countless situations which influence people when they start going through the ageing process like cancer, arthritis, replacements of joint, balancing disorders, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s.

This technique is useful in treating:

  •    Mobility influenced because of old age
  •    Reduced pain
  •    Working around due to the physical restrictions
  •    Improvement in the physical fitness and entire health

Pediatric Physiotherapy

The technique of Pediatric physiotherapy stresses on the physical requirements among the children, toddlers, infants, including adolescents. It is useful in treating a lot of disorders such as developmental, neuromuscular, skeletal disorders including other physical issues.

Timely detection is the key which reflects that the children are experiencing the inhibited movement and the natural development. The use of this technique is treating the children influenced by an injury or disease.

Here is the list of treatment used by physiotherapists with this technique:

  •    Severe injuries took place because of activities like sports or recreational one
  •    Disorders those are genetic such as cerebral palsy
  •    Birth-related defects
  •    Delay in development
  •    Disabilities of orthopaedic
  •    Deficiency in limb, muscle disease and head trauma

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy is a technique that specializes in preventing, rehabilitating and compensating the people suffering from injuries or diseases influencing their lungs, heart, and chest. This treatment includes:

  •    Circulation exercises and deep breathing
  •    Techniques for breathing correctly
  •    Helps in managing coughs and breath shortness
  •    Rehabilitation related to cardiac and pulmonary

People who are suffering from the problems like physio gold coast pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, asthma, heart attack, emphysema and other situations impacting heart and lungs can take advantage of this technique.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a technique in which physiotherapists include the use of their hands for manipulating, mobilizing and massaging the tissue of the body. Specific problems are treatable with this technique such as pain in muscles, joint and bones.

This treatment is helpful in treating the following:

  •    Relieving stiffness and pain
  •    Improving the circulation of blood
  •    Helpful in fluid drain effectively from the body parts
  •    Enhances the movement of diverse body parts
  •    Helps in relaxation


Physiotherapies these days have become very popular in the field of healthcare industry. There are techniques used by the physiotherapists to solve the healthcare issues. Hence, the usual techniques used by the physiotherapists are elaborated above for the better understanding.

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