Smile to Stress-Free Oral Health Services of Dr Shahideh L. Nikbin and Dr. Farzaneh Shamsi


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Fashionable, trendy, relaxing and peaceful are different words that when you experience all together the feeling is almost indescribable.  At Fashion Smile Dental Wealth & Spa and Aramesh Wellness and Spa located at the heart of Makati, patients enjoy one-of-kind services that make them trendy, stress-free, and serene. How? First, it is by “who” is the passionate dynamic-duo behind these establishments – Dr Shahideh L. Nikbin (DMD, DDS, MSD Orthodontist) and Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi ( DMD Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist).

Though taking care of oral health is must for all, but people still find it tedious and nerve-wrecking. Arguably it is because of the automatic expectations that when they visit dental clinics and dentists the experience would only be between boring and scary.

“When they see dental chair they are scared,” Nikbin said about combining the clinic and spa. “You are still stressed out the muscles are still stiff.  So we do TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Treatment) therapy on the bed with the specialist. That’s why we associate it.”


“When you talk to someone the first thing you notice is their smile,” Dr. Nikbin said.  “If they have good smile they have better confidence.”

The lady doctor who finished dentistry in Shahid Beheshti University and Centro Escolar University (like Dr. Shamsi) added that smile is the best make up anyone can have. In fact, flashing pearly white teeth is a long-lasting trend which they can provide specifically with their expertise.  Shamsi is a Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist, while she’s an Orthodontist (a Postgraduate degree she acquired from the University of the Philippines – Manila).

To explain what is cosmetic dentistry is Dr. Nikbin said that it has something to do with aesthetic value or anything that makes teeth prettier. One example of such is solving problems with dark gums. But there are cases that need surgery too like when jaws and bones are also involve. Notice that it’s a specialization that only few like Fashion Smile can offer legally and competently.

Nikbin is aware that some clinics cater cases that they don’t specialize like orthodontics.  She added that perhaps some practitioners attended seminars, but didn’t do further study.   Unfortunately, the one who suffers of this aspect are the clients who get severe oral health problems after seeking help from non experts.  The Fashion Smile doctors said it’s more difficult to fix for correction cases.

“It’s like if you have heart problem you just don’t go to any doctor, you got to heart surgeons,” Nikbin commented.

In the hand Dr. Shamsi and Dr. Nikbin, clients would enjoy their empowering dental services.  The duo is an epitome of earnest dental practitioners with happy personalities. They shared that they could stay in Iran comfortably, but choose to do business in the Philippines despite of challenges.  However if they wear many hats due manage well their multi-awarded businesses, they looks relax primarily because these make them happy.

Dr. Shamsin revealed that she veers away from thinking that she’s helpless just because they’re living independently. She added that finding meaning in what they do solve their inner issues and in return provide purpose to people around them.

“No work is very easy,” Dr. Shamsin shared. “Actually people think if you have business it is easy but not because of all the responsibility. If you look at it [for the sake of] money then that would be difficult.

She advised that for those trying to fulfill their dreams whether in dentistry or not, it is best if you find your passion, be courageous and never stop growing.  In connection to this, Dr. Nikbin added that college students should choose to study the course of what they love to do.

The two certified members of Philippine Dental Association (PDA), surely living their dreams and eager to continue it. They also divulged in five to ten years from now they like to have 10 branches for Aramesh and three for Fashion Smile.

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