Signs That Lob is For You


By Jovelle Hannah Salvador

Having long locks is incredible – but trying new hairstyle is fun and refreshing. Have you heard of Lob haircut? Lob, or long bob, is the new hair trend today. Cutting your hair short has benefits too!

Here are the signs you need to try the newest hair trend.

You dyed and bleached your hair ombre style, now it’s damaged.

Coloring your hair once in a while is good; but doing it too frequently will ruin your hair. If you tried dying your hair ombre, most probably, the ends of your hair are now damaged.


Your Hair roots and middle hair are thicker than your hair ends.

This type of hair is common. If you want your hair to appear thicker from roots to ends, Lob is perfect for you.


You have dry and lifeless hair.

When you cut your hair short, it will give your hair more volume and will give an illusion of fuller hair.


You have a long hair with beachy waves and want to try a new hairstyle but don’t want to part with the curves of your hair.

Long beachy waves is another hair trend that looks fantastic, but combining two hair trends will surely look amazing. Lob and beach wave hair goes perfectly together. Check out Bella Hadid’s hairstyle.


You want to look taller.

Long hair can make you look short. Cutting your hair in a lob will bring your hair closer to your face and it will make an impression that you are taller.


Your long hair is a hassle for you, but you don’t want to cut it too short.

Admit it; having long hair is a hassle. From styling, maintaining and even when riding in a public transportation. You want to cut it, but you’re not so sure about cutting it too short. Lob would be the solution. This style also looks flattering to any face shape.