Quick and Easy ways to fix your limp locks



Summer time is the best season of the year. But due to the humid and  scorching weather, our crowning glory becomes dry, dull, drab,  unmanageable and frizzy.


So here’s a quick and easy ways to fix limp locks this summer.

1. Mist on a dry shampoo that soaks up excess moisture. Look for an easy-to-use aerosol spray version, and aim the nozzle at your roots to give your tresses an extra lift.


2.  Touch up the frizzy spots with a dab of leave-on conditioner or pat on a silicone infused hair sheet — both will tame the dryness that makes hair puff up.


3. Rub a hair serum or jojoba oil onto your strands at night. Even if you shampoo it out in the morning, the extra conditioning treatment will keep your locks sleeker all day.

Happy Young Woman Applying Hair Conditioner In Bathtub

4. If your bangs are driving you crazy, get them off your face. Pull them back with a headband, then twist the ends into the rest of your hair and mist with hair spray to blend everything in.


5. Comb an alcohol-based gel through your bangs post shower.  It’ll give them hold, plus the alcohol will nix grease that makes them stick.

6. And lastly, Get a New Haircut

It is one way to bring those dull locks back to life is to head to the hairdresser for a new hairdo. A new haircut will remove all of the dead ends and shorten the length of the hair, both of which will revitalize the locks of the past. Whether it is a 10-inch haircut or a 2-inch haircut, cutting off some of the old hair will add bounce and volume back to one’s hair.


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