Few Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing an Orthodontist


When it comes to taking care of your teeth, you must be little bit choosy as they are the most important natural assets we have. More important thing is that, they are limited because in a single lifetime we can have adult teeth only once. So, we have to take care of them so that they last for entire lifetime. Regretfully, when it comes to choosing an orthodontist or a general dentist, many of the people make some mistakes which cost them not only the money but the natural teeth also. Most of the times people reach out to an unreliable dentist offering orthodontic services as well even if they haven’t taken proper training for the same and doesn’t know how to do the job in a proper way. Eventually, the patient has to pay the cost in the form of permanently damaged teeth. The warning signs of poor orthodontic work are crooked teeth even after the treatment, uneven fixing, pain in jawline and many others. You can be safe from such bad dentists if you avoid committing following mistakes.

  1. Not doing a background check- These days, the world is conquered by the internet and you can find almost everything using it. In the past, you had to believe the words of your relatives or friends while choosing the doctor. Finding a good doctor was a combined effort and you had to wait patiently for days to get the needed information. These days, there are various review sites and forums related to dental health, which a patient searching for an orthodontist can refer. There are thousands of reviews written on the sites which make it easier to find a right medical professional. However, your research must not stop here. Not every reputed clinic has the best and experienced practitioners on their board. So, you have to check every single detail carefully.
  2. Not checking your insurance- Nowadays, most of the people have some type of dental insurance. However, they don’t check it properly before selecting an orthodontist to find out if their procedures are covered under the insurance, if yes then how much, whether the doctor you are about to choose is in the network of insurer or not. If you decide to stay in the network and only get the treatment which is covered by the insurance, you can save a huge amount of money. On the other hand, getting uncovered orthodontic treatment from a doctor outside the network can cost you a big amount.  
  3. Not checking credentials of your orthodontist- It is important to note that, every dentist is not qualified to perform orthodontic work, while all the orthodontists are trained and certified dentists. In order to be an orthodontist, one needs to go through additional training after passing out from a dental school and complete the rigorous practical training concentrating on orthodontics. Some of the dentists without having the certification claim that they can perform orthodontic procedures. So, you have to be careful and check the certification of the one you have chosen.
  4. Taking too much time to make the selection- Many of the families commit this mistake of waiting for a longer duration of time to choose an orthodontist. Generally, in case of children, parent think that their crooked and bad teeth will go away, and they will have a new set of good teeth. However, it will be a mistake. You must take your children of age 7 years and above to an orthodontist as it is beneficial for them.
  5. Looking for geographic convenience- Many of us prefer going to nearest orthodontist clinic citing the geographic convenience, but the preference must be given to the quality of their work. You should not adopt a casual approach towards an important factor like dental health. Give priority to quality and experience even if you have to drive for a longer distance.

These are a few simple mistakes one must avoid while choosing an orthodontist. This is crucial to avoid any harm being done to your teeth by an untrained medical practitioner.

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