How To Survive Holiday Without Stress


by Jovelle Hannah Salvador

Holiday is coming; the joy, laughter, and family bonding are expected. You should be excited, but the stress of preparing for the occasion is holding you back. Here are the reasons and things you need to avoid doing and the things you need to do do to enjoy the holiday.

Being High-Maintenance and Setting High Expectations

It’s okay to be meticulous in planning and organizing your holiday, but remember that there are things that you can’t control. Stressing because things are not going exactly as you planned is unhealthy. Stress could lead you to distress; distress can lead to physical symptoms such as body tension, high blood pressure, and chest pains. Instead of being the control freak, try enjoying every moment and just go with the flow.

Thinking About Spending

Thinking about how much you would spend for the party, budget if you’re planning to travel, gifts for family and friends, and what to give to your inaanak is kind of stressing. Don’t stress too much; right budgeting is the solution for you. Make a budget plan now and know your limit. Create a shopping list of all the things you need to buy and give this holiday. Don’t worry about giving too expensive gifts. There are many stores that sell cheap but awesome gifts or you can use your creativity by creating personalized DIY gifts! What’s important is that you spread the happiness of giving and your sincerity.

Heavy Traffic

Heavy traffic is to be expected during the holidays. Of course, there are people who are coming home to their provinces, those who are visiting their relatives, and those who will spend the holidays out of town with the family. The solution for this is to travel as early as possible to avoid heavy traffic. If it is really unavoidable for you, then, don’t freak out and just use the time in the car to talk with the family members, play music, or anything entertaining.

Socializing in a Holiday Party

If you’re the social butterfly of the family, then socializing with the relatives you haven’t seen for a long time is not a problem; but when you are socially awkward like most of the people, socializing would be stressing. Instead of seeing this situation as a problem, why not look at it as an opportunity to leave your comfort zone and try to develop your social skills? Talk to them, this is the season to build and strengthen relationships.