How to Create that Perfect Eye Line

Photo: Henry Leutwyler

by Bobbi Brown, via Yahoo Beauty |

When you line your eye, it’s the details that count. It’s something no one ever tells you but getting the technical details right makes a big difference. If done right, with precision, liner looks like it was done in one step. It wasn’t. It takes several steps and some practice.

One of the best tricks I know is to go as close to the lashline as possible when you are lining the eye. Sometimes it takes more than one try. Start at the outside and bring the line in using small strokes all the way across. Often people stop where their lashes stop, don’t. Continue to draw the line to the inner corner. Then do it again.

Dip your brush back in the product, and take a look in the mirror filling in any gaps in, or below, the line.  Filling in those spaces is key to making the line look fluid. Some women even need to line from underneath the lashes to fill in gaps. How thick the line is overall is your preference but it should be thickest on the outer corner and thinner in the inside corner.

The brush really does make a difference. I like using a thin pointed brush and gel liner for a dramatic line, but a longwearing gel pencil also works.  Always keep a Q-tip handy along with makeup remover to cleanup any little mistakes. You want the line to look as clean and crisp as possible.