How Green Tea can Largely Improve Your Health


By: Ana Margarita A. Olar|

Before grabbing that diet soda or that cup of coffee, take a look at these benefits of green tea in your health and why you should consider brewing a cup:green tea- 1

1. Boost metabolism and combats obesity.

Studies show that the catechins content of green tea can boost metabolic rate, increasing your ability to burn abdominal fat while exercising, and reduce triglycerides levels.

2. Combats Stress.

An ample amount of stressor is needed in our daily life. But stress build up can harm our overall health and fortunately, green tea is available whenever we need a stress busting drink. The warmth that green tea brings calms our stressed mind. Also, it contains theanine and amino acid that calms our nerves and helps us feel relaxed without being sleepy.

3. Protects against UV rays.

Green tea helps our skin to be more resistant against the damaging effects of harmful UV rays.

4. It contributes to dental health.

There are studies that link poor oral health with certain diseases such as heart disease. Gladly, green tea also helps us keep our pearly white teeth, and oral cavity in good condition. It contains fluoride that inhibits the growth of glucosyltransferase- a substance responsible for plaque buildup on teeth. It also contains polyphenols that inhibit production of acids by a certain bacteria called P. Gingivalis which is responsible for most gum diseases.

5. Green tea is an immune-booster.

The EGCG content of green tea changes the viral membrane thus protecting us from viral infections. Also EGCG wards off bacteria, fighting its ability to cling to host cells. Another compound L-theanine activates T-cells in our immune system, enhancing your ability to fight infection.

6. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that lower the risk of having various diseases such as:

• Cancer-oxidative damage on cells is one factor on cancer development. And green tea protects against this damage.
• Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease- the catechins compound found on green tea is known to protect the neurons from damage and enhance neuron transmission.
• Cardiovascular Disease- green tea reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke in two ways: one it lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol which is one of the causes of cardiovascular disease, and two it prevents the oxidation of LDL which is another cause of heart disease.
• Type 2 diabetes- drinking green tea can improve a cell’s insulin sensitivity hence, reducing blood sugar levels.

With these in mind, it’s time to discard your commercial drinks and soda and go natural: have a cup of green tea. Cheers to your health!



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