Aramesh: a break away from hustle-bustle day-to-day routines


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In the interview of with Dr Shahideh L. Nikbin (DMD, DDS, MSD Orthodontist) and Farzaneh J. Shamsi ( DMD Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist) they shared that their businesses are there to solve oral health and beauty problems minus the stress.

According to these two half Iranian- half Filipino professionals Aramesh is word that means relaxing and peaceful. It’s their also definition of pampering their clients who just want to break away from hustle-bustle of their day-to-day routines. It’s complementary to their Fashion Smile clinic, which offers aesthetic-sense to normal dental services.

The idea of the spa is to give their patient’s companions something more than the usual movie viewings, books, and magazines to occupy them while waiting.

Inspired by their rich culture, Aramesh Spa and Wellness is the first Persian spa in the Philippines. It offers a wide range of massage treatments specializing on the traditional Persian Massage. This deep-tissue massage technique is long being practiced in Iran as a form of natural healing and relaxation.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness

It has six beds, three armchairs, and one VIP  room. Interiors are  characterized by a typical  Persian architectural feature, and fabric that  are usually associated with luxury and  elegance.


 Their Services:

Aramesh Signature  Massage – an authentic Persian massage that  accesses deeper layers of soft tissue for a more focused massage work.  This therapy intends to remove energy blockages and restore circulation  with it’s healing properties at the circular level. aramesh

 Hot Stone Massage -helps relieve chronic muscle pain, reduce stress  and promote deep relaxation.

 Slimming Massage – can reduce body fat stores, mobilize, and  improve circulation in the affected area. It also help reduce cellulite by  breaking the subcutaneous tissue to achieve a firmer skin.

 Pinoy Hilot – is a complete sensory experience with the use of virgin  coconut oil, banana leaves, and Ventosa cups.

Back/ Leg/ Head Massage – an express treatment that would relax mind and body.

Shiatsu – (oil-free) this technique uses fingers and palm to apply pressure and stretching to release tension from within but sans the massage oil.

Aramesh Facelift / TMJ Therapy – helps prevent wrinkles and keeps the face looking youthful by relieving stress, restoring muscle tone and elasticity. It also improves lymph drainage, unblocking “stuck energy” that creates facial holding patterns.

Ventosa – also known as the Cupping Therapy, is an ancient Chinese treatment that follows the principle of acupuncture where the heated cups over the skin encourage blood and energy flow. It is a mean to ease away pain, remove toxins, and allows the body to feel rested.

Xiamen Foot Reflexology –  relieves the soreness of tired feet and the entire body.