7 Tips to Quit Your Bad Soda Habit


By Ana Margarita Olar | GetHealthAccess.com

Are you drinking soda even before breakfast, after any meal, or whenever you crave for it? Then you must be suffering from a bad soda habit. There is research to support the bad effects of consistently drinking carbonated beverages. So if you consider quitting your bad soda habit, try these following tips:

  1. You have to accept that you have a bad soda habit. The first step to overcoming any addiction or habit is to accept the fact that you are indeed addicted. Upon acceptance and realization that your body and health is at stake, then you can proceed to try every method to quit.
  1. Remove sources of soda from your environment. Take whatever you left in your fridge or cupboard and pour it down the sink. It is hard to quit soda when there are temptations all around you. Remember this when quitting a bad habit: out of sight, out of mind.soda-breakfast
  1. Have a full and heavy breakfast. Eggs are the best breakfast foods when you are starting to quit soda because it helps decrease your cravings, stabilize blood sugar, thus lessening mid-morning hunger pains.
  1. Think of water as your first choice. Whenever you feel the urge to drink soda, treat yourself to a full glass of cold water. Most people fall into the habit of drinking soda because they are thirsty, hungry, sleepy, or just bored and only soda is available. You may also consider the fact that drinking soda will only make you thirstier rather than quench your thirst.
  1. Be ready with your soda alternative. Another known method for quitting a bad habit is to find a healthier alternative to fill up that habit. We are not trying to overpower the urge to drink soda, it may lead to temptation. Rather, we are trying to replace a bad habit with a healthier option. You can try a natural freshly squeezed juice or a blended fruit smoothie.
  1. Have a healthy mid-afternoon snack and a healthy protein dinner. Have a mixed nuts and fruits and eat small frequent feedings to help stabilize blood sugar and lessen your cravings for soda. Choose to load on protein for dinner such as fish and chicken rather than stuffing yourself with carbohydrates which will only make you crave for soda later.
  1. Lastly, remember to adjust yourself gradually. Quit your soda habit little by little. Quitting abruptly may lead to withdrawal syndromes such as a headache, irritability and out of focus. So your goal must be quitting one step at a time until it leads to the real sustainable change in habit.
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