5 Powerful Habits to Stay Motivated and Stay Positive


By Ana Margarita Olar | GetHealthAccess.com

“It couldn’t happen it wouldn’t happen.” “I can’t achieve it, I won’t achieve it.”

Negative thoughts attract negative outcomes.

It is very hard to keep track if these negative ideas are blocking your way.

Here are some habits to stay positive and motivated:


The most effective way to stay positive is to ask God for the blessing of motivation and positivity. Try not asking for an easy way, instead, ask Him to give you a strong willpower to inspire and be inspired no matter how hard the circumstances may seem.

Reading your favorite book can help you to stay sharp and maintain positive outlook in life.
Reading your favorite book can help you to stay sharp and maintain a positive outlook in life.


Choose inspirational music, literature, articles, and movies that inspire and not exhaust you. Pick out materials that enlighten your mind. Play relaxing music on your way to work. Block out those materials that stirs up negativism. If you’re a person who is easily blown away by negative news, don’t even bother picking up that article up. Watch a “feel good” movie that touches your heart and warms up your soul.

Choosing positive people

While it may be true that opposites attract, this is not true when it comes to positivity. Negative minded people tend to spread negative vibes to others. They lure people to their way of thinking. They are offended when others suggest another idea or another view of the situation. They only see the worst of the situation.

Positive people, on the other hand, nurture positive ideas. They see the best on even the worst situations. For them, every trying time requires a different approach and you must not stop until you solve the situation. Giving up is not an option. And, most importantly, they are always willing to share their own strategy on how to stay positive and motivated.


If a problem seems to have no solution no matter how you try, pausing for a while. Taking a rest from the situation doesn’t mean giving up. It’s like just taking a coffee break from work to give you energy and opportunity to think “outside” the situation. And sometimes, by God’s will, the situation seems to resolve itself even without your efforts and worries.

Printing and committing

If you have a journal or a planner, you can write your own plan b actions if your first strategy doesn’t work. Also, commit to thinking at least 5 happy or positive thoughts (even things that seem impossible to happen) every time you wake up in the morning. Visualizing positive ideas attracts positive results. Whether coincidence or not, the universe seems to listen to what you think will happen. So stick to thinking positive and happy thoughts every day.

Stay positive and motivated with these powerful habits.

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