4 Simple Tips in Anger Management Techniques that You Can Try

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Getting angry is natural it’s an instant reaction when you feel upset or frustrated, but if it occurs all the time and you do impulsive things that’s different issue.  Uncontrollable anger spoils your smooth routines and relationships as when you’re in total rage you forget the logic of actions. In the end, you have strings of consequences that even drive you more upset.  Thus, it’s also effective to learn simple anger management techniques especially if you are under pressure.

Joke around: Internalize that you’re in a gag show

According to American Psychological Association, humor can help you to slowly realize things you don’t see initially and at the same time, tone down you tension.  In their interview with Jerry Deffenbacher (PhD), the doctor shared that angry people think they’re “morally right” and they should express their opinions at all costs.

With clouding your mind with jokes about the situation or person you don’t like, it will let you focus on the funny side. Then you’ll think that either your concern is irrelevant or you’re just being illogical. But APA also warns about using humor to counter anger.

“First, don’t try to just “laugh off” your problems; rather, use humor to help yourself face them more constructively. Second, don’t give in to harsh, sarcastic humor; that’s just another form of unhealthy anger expression,” APA’s note.

Do fast break time out

Before you create destruction, you should resort to calming distractions instead. Take a break and do little stuff that will let you mediate than be overwhelmed by your strong emotion. You can walk around your village, listen to your favorite songs or do kickboxing in a gym.

Take preventive measures 

Most of the time, it’s the person himself who does the things he dislikes. In addition to these, even he knows already what makes him angry he still doesn’t do anything except complaining.  Australian Psychological Society suggests that it’s good to identify what triggers or signs your fury by enlisting it down and do necessary actions to avoid it.

“Make a list of the things that often set off your anger (for example, running late for an
appointment and not being able to find a car park, your teenager leaving dirty dishes in the sink or a co-worker blaming you for something you didn’t do). If you know ahead of time what makes you angry, you may be able to avoid these things or do something different when they happen,” APS recommended.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Listen and communicate 

The truth is sincere conversation and listening attentively is the simplest, but hardest step in controlling your anger.  It’s hard because the other person may not be in favor of your view and you think he or she is senseless. However, if you allow yourself to listen to others genuine intention you’ll know where they coming from. You may see their point and both of you will have compromise agreement.