15 Hot Tips to Make a Difference


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These tiny changes will improve your hair, skin, nails and body.

  1. Feed your face!
    What our skin needs changes with the seasons, so it’s essential to adapt our skin-care routine accordingly.
  2. Care for your cuticles.
    Massage a little cuticle oil into your nails just before bedtime. This will strengthen them in the long term and ensure they are well moisturized.
  3. Wear lipstick in an eye- popping colour.
    It means you can get away with a lot less make-up, perfect for when you’re in a rush. A bold lip makes you look like you’ve made an effort.
  4. Go for bronze.
    Bronzers are the perfect product to help you fake a healthy sun-kissed glow. Go for a light shade without any shimmer. Gently sweep it over your temples, forehead, cheeks, the tip of your nose, and along your jawbone.
  5. Don’t forget sunscreen…
    Even on days when you can’t see the sun! Choose a daily moisturizer with an SPF to ensure that your skin is protected from future wrinkles and discoloration.
  6. Floss every day.
    Brushing alone only cleans 65% of the surface of your teeth, and neglecting to floss not only results in halitosis, but can also lead to gum disease.
  7. Drink a lot.
    At least eight glasses of water a day: it’s one of the cheapest and easiest beauty steps you can take. Hydrating your body from the inside will ensure your skin looks plump and moisturized.
  8. Lash yourself.
    Invest in a new mascara. Mascara tubes are great breeding grounds for bacteria, and after about six months the formula starts to break down because of the exposure to air, so buy a new one twice a year. If you notice a strong, rancid smell emanating from the tube, throw it out immediately.
  9. Keep Cool.
    There’s nothing quite like a piping hot bath or shower, but very hot water dries out the skin and can cause broken capillaries and spider veins. Resist the allure of the scalding hot bath!
  10. Strike oil.
    Facial oils are brilliant for replenishing, revitalizing and regenerating your skin because they work on a very deep level. Plus, the action of massaging them into the skin helps with microcirculation, giving you a rosy glow.
  11. Organise your make-up bag.
    Set an hour aside to organize your make-up and throw out old products. Anything that looks or smells questionable should be discarded. Clean eye and lip pencils by sharpening them. While you’re at it, clean all your make-up brushes (this should actually be done once a week!) since build-up can lead to breakouts and infections. Use a mild shampoo and ensure you lay them out on a clean, flat surface to dry.
  12. Tressed for success.
    The start of a new season is the ideal time to cut a fringe, change your hair color or go a little shorter. Just changing the parting can make a big difference to your hairstyle.
  13. Clean your mobile phone.
    Mobile phones contain more germs per square inch than a public toilet—and to think we press them against our faces so regularly. Clean yours every other day by wiping it down with a cotton ball dampened with alcohol.
  14. Scrub up.
    Exfoliating the skin on your face and body at least twice a week gets rid of dead skin cells, allowing the products you use to penetrate more effectively for visible results.
  15. Choose a nourishing body wash over soap.
    If your skin is easily irritated or prone to flakiness, then you’d be wise to avoid most soaps, as they will probably dry out your skin.

Got water? Drink it – and hydrate your body from the inside out.