10 Fast Food Facts that will make you rethink your diet


By Ana Margarita Olar │ GetHealthAccess.com

Are you hungry but too busy to prepare a meal? Want to treat your kids for the weekend? Planning a surprise party? There is one common solution hailed by many nowadays- ordering at the fancy fast food restaurant. Eating at fast foods has now become a part of our lives. Our children go crazy over a fast food commercial. But, here are some facts about fast foods that will make you reconsider your diet.

Combined cows.

We all know that fast food burger patties contain a high amount of fat. But if that’s not enough to make you change your diet, consider this: after the cattle are slaughtered and the premium meats are removed, bits and pieces of remaining meats are combined with those of other cows, processed and shaped into yummy patties. And the grill marks? It is applied on factories. Very clever indeed.

Not so fresh fries.

On one experiment, it has been found out that French fries from a certain fast food lasts for a long time without rotting. A typical potato must undergo this normal process of decaying after some time. So you have to think about what kind of chemical you are ingesting when you are eating those fries.

fastfood 2

Nasty Nuggets.

Some fast food nuggets don’t really come from chicken meat as they claim. It comes from reassembled reject parts of an animal such as nerve, bone and tissue.

“Yoga Bread”.

Doing yoga is good for your health. But consuming yoga mat as part of your diet is bizarre, right? Some fast food bread contains a chemical called azodicarbonamide- a substance used to create yoga mats.

Maggots on your sauce.

USA-FDA actually allows 30 or more fly eggs per 100gms, and 1 or more maggots per 100gms present on tomato based sauce.

Not exactly eggs.

Some fast food restaurants use premium egg blends instead of real eggs probably because it is cheaper. This substance contains glycerin, which is also found on soaps and shaving creams.

Contaminated beverage dispensers.

Many fast foods have traces of coliform bacteria on their drink dispensers. Low amount of these bacteria will not affect your health,  but do you know where these bacteria normally reside? Human feces! Also, a certain strand of coliform bacteria called the E.coli can cause severe food poisoning and even death. You might not want to include these microorganisms in your diet.

Artificial sweeteners on juices.

Have you experienced that your thirst isn’t quenched and you seem to be thirstier after a gulp of a large sized fast food drink? Because the drink contains a substance called high fructose corn syrup that can cause tooth decay, irritation of stomach lining, and have an effect on your vital organs.

Shaking secret of shakes.

These cool and refreshing smoothies have a nasty little secret- some fast foods add castoreum to enhance the shake’s sweetness. And this substance is extracted from a beavers’ anal gland. Enjoy.


Apple pie from ducks?

Some apple pies contain L-cysteine to speed up processing. This comes from hog hair, human hair, and most incredibly, duck feathers.

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