How to Childproof Your Cellphone


Imagine this: Your child says, “Can I play with your cellphone, Mom?” Ten minutes later she has posted an embarrassing Twitter message, sent a text message to your boss and bought five apps.

While that might be the worst-case scenario, it could happen! To prevent it from happening in the first place, just childproof your phone.

Depending on the type of cellphone you have, there are various ways to limit how much “damage” kids can do to it. Check your cellphone for “restrictions” options. These options can turn certain things off, for example the ability to make purchases from already installed software.

If that doesn’t put your mind at ease, don’t worry. These six tips will help safeguard your phone:

1. Back It Up
A cellphone can be rendered inoperative if it is dropped hard on pavement. A child could also inadvertently damage it by, for example, burying it in the sandbox. So put your mind at ease — back up the device.

2. Use the “Find My Phone” Service
With this finding service, you can find the cellphone if it’s stuck in the seats of your car or under the bushes in grandma’s garden.

3. Password Lock
Set up a password so that no one can get into the cellphone or download apps without it. Be sure you know all the functions of your phone. Many models have one-push lock features that require a password for unlocking.

4. Use a Protective Case
If you’re worried that the child could accidentally drop your cellphone on the floor, put the phone in one of the specially made toys that creates an air bag to protect it while the child plays with it.

5. Airplane Mode
There is an “airplane mode” setting on most cellphones you can select before handing your phone over. This turns off signal, 3G or any wireless networks so that the child cannot make embarrassing calls or surf the Internet.

6. Establish Rules
Limitations and covers are means of protecting both your child and the cellphone. But it is also necessary for you and your child to come to an agreement concerning any usage. Lay down ground rules about how you have to be present for your child to use the phone, but also show her how it works in case of emergencies.

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